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What is a sport?

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What is a sport?

Postby divingbrit » Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:44 am

There are many different opinions as to what constitutes a sporting activity and the sports councils do not have their own definition of sport. However, we operate a recognition process to establish which sports we may consider working with. When deciding whether to recognise a sport, the sports councils look to see if it meets the Council of Europe’s European Sports Charter 1993 definition of sport and if the sport is well established and organised within our jurisdiction.
As a rule of thumb (!) this board will collect and show links to those Sports that we feel promotes a healthier life, by encouraging activity. So walking is good ie: rambling but sitting in front of a screen ie Xbox use or idle on a riverbank ie: fishing, we consider is a hobby, and so will not be posting links.

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